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Motion Control

Motion Control

KESHET Labs offer motion control and automation services. In order to answer clients’ requirements, we are able to customize our products with motion control capabilities, converting the systems from manual mode into fully automated setups.


KESHET-Labs are experienced with electro-mechanical systems. We offer solutions for automation of our electro-optical products and converting them into fully-automated setups such as raster scan microscopy and auto-focus features.


All 3D translation mechanical stages that are sold with our microscopy systems can be equipped with steppers (stepping motor) and micro-switches (location feedback mechanism). The motion features will be integrated and added into the main products’ GUI enable full control over system features (electro-optics and electro-mechanics). We also offer a complete motion control add-on tool which is integrated into the products’ SDK.


We are experienced with motorized mechanical stages and active electro-mechanical components such as solenoids, relays, steppers and DC brushless motors.



We can offer cost-effective solutions for your system. Please contact for further information.



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