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Compact Fiber Optic Spectrometer

Compact Fiber Optic Spectrometer

KESHET-PHOTON series offer a wide variety of compact fiber based spectrometers for low intensity signals / source characterization. Simple and intuitive user interface, plug&play and compact package make the PHOTON a simple and cost-effective solution for spectroscopy systems.


The KESHET-PHOTON series comprised of UV-VIS-NIR compact fiber spectrometers for low intensity signals / source characterization. Each product includes a full viewer and SW development kit (SDK) which make PHOTON an easy device for integration with external systems. The PHOTON can be used in various setups including transmission, absorptive and reflection measurements. Check out the products page for further information.



  • Wavelength range: 380-1050nm
  • Spectral resolution: 0.05-0.4nm
  • A/D conversion: 16bit
  • FWHM: 0.4-1.5nm
  • Order sorting filter: included (all models), high quality
  • Interface: USB3


Potential applications:

  • Biophotonics and Biotechnology
  • Source / Filter characterization
  • Printing / color measurement
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Optical setups
  • Spectral microscopy
  • Food / Agriculture quality monitoring
  • Material analysis


How to use?

KESHET-PHOTON products are fiber based (SMA connector) spectrometers which can be plugged into any optic fiber setup. We offer off-the-shelf optical fiber to connect the PHOTON into your setup. The PHOTON is powered based on USB connection and doesn’t require an additional power supply. Once the PHOTON is connected by a USB cable to your computer, run the viewer app (after installation) and it is ready to use.


KESHET-Labs offer an integrated setups for light measurements. Please check products page for further information.


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