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Photoluminescence and Phosphorescence

Photoluminescence and Phosphorescence

KESHET-Labs offers a complete solution for photoluminescence / phosphorescence spectroscopy and microscopy analysis – the KESHET-MICRO-PL. A UV (or any other optical band) excitation based microscope, integrated with an optical spectrometer, make KESHET-MICRO-PL a powerful solution for photoluminescence / phosphorescence analysis of surfaces and materials where location and precision are critical.


KESHET Labs offer a complete optical microscope setup for photoluminescence / phosphorescence spectroscopy measurement of objects. KESHET-MICRO-PL combines photoluminescence [PL] spectroscopy measurements and microscopy of objects for simultaneous inspection. The system is based on a compact fiber spectrometer (KESHET-PHOTON), integrated into a microscope. The fully integrated setup can simultaneously generate a microscopy image of an object and a PL spectral signal which is collected from a specific region in the image (same as confocal microscope). By translating the object, the MICRO-PL enables precision PL scan where spectral signal collection region is limited and marked in the bright field image.


Potential applications the system can be used for:

  • Biophotonics and Biotechnology applications
  • Gemology
  • Material analysis
  • Skin / tissue light interaction analysis
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Food / Agriculture quality monitoring and analysis


KESHET-MICRO-PL includes the microscope head. KESHET-PHOTON (compact fiber spectrometer) is sold separately and plugged into the MICRO-PL. Our KESHET-PHOTON series is including a high-quality order sorting filter which is crucial for this analysis. Both MICRO-PL and PHOTON are usually sold together as an integrated system. The client can choose the mounting technique which suits to his setup. We offer a mechanical stage and optical breadboard as a full measurement setup.



Key features:

  • Based on high power LED, the MICRO-PL has a built-in UV (or any other optical band) excitation. The MICRO-PL generates optical microscopic image (5um resolution) integrated with optical PL spectroscopic signal. The data is generated by a CMOS chip (microscope) in parallel to spectroscopy signal (spectrometer).
  • The MICRO-PL can be used for multiple applications, including life science, Gemology, material analysis, printing, textile and more. It has several significant advantages over other PL spectroscopy techniques where sampling location and precision are critical.
  • KESHET-MICRO-PL package includes full viewer and SDK, combining image and spectral data.
  • As an illumination source, the MICRO-PL includes a QTH bulb for a wide spectral emission.



How to use?


The sample can be mounted on an XYZ translation stage (we offer XYZ-translation stage as a fully working setup). First, bring the sample into focus (as with regular microscope) where the microscope shows a sharp image. Once the microscope shows a focused image, the system is ready to use. The spectral collection region will be shown on screen, where the spectroscopy signal will be plotted in parallel in additional window. Check the user interface page for additional info regarding the GUI.


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