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Hyperspectral and Multispectral imaging

Hyperspectral and Multispectral imaging

KESHET-Labs offers cost effective hyperspectral and multispectral imaging systems as a plug-in and a standalone product – the KESHET-SCANNER. A 2D camera, integrated with a hyperspectral imager, make KESHET-SCANNER a powerful spectral analysis tool, supporting many applications.

KESHET Labs offers cost effective hyperspectral imaging systems for spatial and spectral analysis. The systems are based on a 2D camera (for visual inspection), integrated with a hyperspectral imager (for spectral analysis). The integrated setup can simultaneously generate 2D + spectral data (hyperspectral data cube).


The basic system is integrated in a metal enclosure with a standard C-mount interface, which can be plugged into any C-mount optical system (such as biologic microscopes and telescopic lenses). Based on USB3.0+GigE cables, the system can be connected to any PC.


Few spectral imagers available: 2D and line scan. Line scan imagers generate high resolution spectral curvature for each pixel over a line crossing the field of view. The 2D hyperspectral imagers generate a full spectral data cube (lower spectral resolution than line-scan imager).


The hyperspectral sensor is based on a CMOS architecture, enabling high speed scan rate. Different spectral windows available in the range of Vis-NIR (check datasheet tab).


Potential applications are in the field of:

  • Biophotonics and Biotechnology applications
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Food / Agriculture quality monitoring and analysis
  • Printing / color precision measurement and calibration
  • Material analysis


Key features:

  • Hyperspectral imager: generates 2D / line spectral data.
  • 2D imager: generates high resolution 2D image.
  • Both sensors work simultaneously.
  • Integrated SW with intuitive GUI for data handling and analysis.
  • Both sensors are aligned and calibrated in order to show spectral data over the 2D image.
  • C-mount interface for connectivity to external optical systems.


Please contact us for any questions concerning connectivity to your system.


Connecting KESHET-SCANNER to a standard/biological microscope:

Most modern microscopes include multiple camera c-mounts which is a general opto-mechanical interface to microscope cameras. Based on C-mount, Integration of KESHET-SCANNER is very simple and intuitive.

Scale and optical resolution is dictated by existing microscope objectives.


Connecting KESHET-SCANNER to a standard C-mount lens to create a hyperspectral telescope:

As any C-mount camera can be connected to a C-mount lens, the KESHET-SCANNER can be connected too. Choose a lens which suits your application best and plug it into the system in less than 5 seconds…

Use the 2D sensor optical parameters (pixel size, resolution..) for lens selection.


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